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Have you ever asked yourself . . .

  • What are my failures trying to teach me, and why don’t I learn from them?
  • Do you wonder how some people can continuously screw up so badly and yet keep moving ahead with their dreams, while you stand on the sideline watching their success arrive?
  • Are you tired of seeing other people move forward (who are often less qualified than you) because you stayed quietly out of the way?
  • Do you ask yourself, “Why am I holding back when I have so much more to offer?”

Then I have some questions for you…

Do you want to start learning from your mistakes and failures and start failing forward?

Have you grown too accustomed to the sting of defeat and putting your dreams aside?

What if the secret to success is actually refining failure?

What if you didn’t need rock-solid confidence to reach your dreams?

What if you could celebrate your setbacks,because you knew they were moving you closer to your goals, not farther away?

Then…you need refining failure.

What is refining failure?

Standard failure is falling on your a$$.

Refining failure is falling on your a$$…. and learning how to bounce.

My name is Deshawn Wert. I am a trained ADHD coach and what I’ve found from my work with clients and personal research is the success mindset.  I firmly believe that:

What I do around here is research, curate, and share actionable tips of refining failure.   How did our greatest heroes achieve their goals?   And what were the stumbling blocks they often never talked about?

For example:

Did you know that Sara Blakely, the founder of the Spanx empire, would weekly share her “failures” with her dad and get high-fives for them?  You see, her dad wisely wanted her to see failures for what they were . . . signs of taking action, lessons learned and loosing fear of failure.  He didn’t want her to stay comfortable doing things she could easily do, but to be open to the surprising and amazing outcomes life can offer us when we look for unexpected gifts in failure.

The reality is that so many of us don’t take risks because of our fear of failure, but when we learn to celebrate setbacks and turn losses into gains, we actually start to redefine failure not by its outcomes but by the actions we take.

Cultivating this change of view opens our world to not necessarily looking towards outcomes from the beginning of the attempt, but focusing on the learning gained along the way.

Sara calls those unexpected learnings, “amazing nuggets she would never have wanted to give up.”

The best part of Sara’s story?

It demonstrates that failure is not an opposition to avoid, but a necessity for success.

That’s why I am here.

Refining Failure Project

Every month I email out a new refining failure story,

along with other inspirational, highly-practical ideas and strategies you can use to build new skills, improve your mindset and find healthy ways to deal with toxic thoughts.


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