I subscribe to Zig’s observation of life – You have to start somewhere! What about you?

I know the difficulty in starting when the criticism is harsh, expectations seem impossible and loss can feel humiliating.

Our brain has an amazing way to look for the ‘wrong’ in every situation. Understanding how our brain works under stress . . . like trying something new, putting yourself out ‘there’ (whatever that means) and adjusting to life’s up and downs can be difficult to navigate, especially if we spend the time looking at the wrong part of defeat. Learning to manage failure can be a big barrier to forward motion.

Everyday we each have an opportunity to contribute something unique and special to the world. Everyday we do our best . . . and we may come up short or fail. Falling short is where we have a choice.

Do you shut-down, quit, give up altogether? Or, do you find the gift in the failure to learn, grow, change, and succeed!

My goal is to help you find the gift of failure.

My Story:

I’m DeShawn Wert. I’m a certified life coach and I partner with smart, driven individuals and entrepreneurs who have been stung by defeat and help them find the gift of imperfection. I help them re-frame what their mind sees as failure to instead see it as steps towards success.

I am location independent . . . you can find me watching TED Talks anywhere from the Midwest to the hot tropical sun of the south. I also make the time to look for the gifts of my own imperfection by pushing my boundaries and taking on new challenges in life.

How do you think I know so much about failure, mmmm?   I’ve spent tons of time researching and reading about some of the biggest ideas (many of them counter-intuitive) about failure and success! I share research-based information (strategies? tips?) on turning failure into success, how to manage your mindsets through failure, and actionable steps to take when you are taking risks and leaps of faith (in yourself).

This website was developed for those who want to leverage failure and squeeze all the life out of living, not leaving a single drop to be wasted!

I don’t know about you, but I plan to make A LOT dreams come true over the years and I don’t plan to let my failures dictate my future.

Do you?

Let’s stop letting past failures dictate any more of your future.

Ready to start?

Refining Failure Project

Every month I email out a new refining failure story,

along with other inspirational, highly-practical ideas and strategies you can use to build new skills, improve your mindset and find healthy ways to deal with toxic thoughts.


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