“You have ADD Inattentive Type.”

Those five words strung together came as both a welcome relief and a scary realization. It gave me the answers to all the “why’s” I had been asking.

Why has time been slipping away?

Why was remembering important details so difficult?

Why was I making simple mistakes?

The ADD diagnosis explained my impatience and aversion to being rushed. But most importantly, it armed me with information.

I had started seeing Dr. Parker a few years earlier because I felt like a rug had been jerked out from under me. Since taking my dream job, I had felt overwhelmed, insecure and scared. Nothing about my work situation was making sense to me . . . my fear or my behavior.

In my discussions with Dr. Parker, I learned that my entire life had been about trying to “do the right thing”, which is a very admirable trait by all accounts, but what now hit me between the eyes was a new concept being revealed; I had a choice to “do the right thing for me.” This flash of insight was one of the first that allowed me to accept myself for who I really was, ADD and all.

I hadn’t realized until the diagnosis, that I was very good at fitting in and being well-liked. I was great at compromise, but somewhere I had crossed a line and I was now “hustling” to fit in.

The good news was that I was no longer willing to “do the hustle” anymore. I left the “dream job” that no longer served me and I don’t hustle for approval from anyone except myself.

am authentic and I have accepted my diagnosis, not as a disorder, but as the opportunity it really is! I know my strengths and I leverage them to highlight who I really am and what I’m all about.

About DeShawn’s Career Before Coaching

I worked in the field of public education for over 30 years – as a classroom teacher for over 25 and a building administrator for five, both in elementary and secondary school settings.

I have been married to my husband, Mike, for 15 years. We have a 12-year-old son, Riley, and of course a family dog, Leah.

I am active in my local church and my community, and provide services to local ADHD students, at the elementary, junior high, high school and college levels. I love to share my knowledge and experiences about ADD/ADHD and how to live with it successfully.

I love to read books that inspire me to be the best person I can be every day. Inspiration plays a big part in my daily life and I enjoy the works of Brene Brown, Joyce Meyers, Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Oprah, and others who look for their life’s calling.


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Education & Training

Bachelor of Science (B.S.); Early Childhood Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.

Master of Education (M. Ed); Indiana Wesleyan University. Marion, Ind.

Cognitive Coaching techniques from the information of Robert Garmstrom & Arthur Costas

Certified Teacher Mentor

JTS Coaching & Training

Erickson College International

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